Visions of the Arctic

Embark on an extraordinary visual journey as Florian Schulz's lens unveils the Arctic's raw beauty in this photography exhibit. Immerse yourself in mythical creatures like the muskox and the powerful polar bear, captured with great artistry. Witness intimate moments of polar bear cubs with their mother, juxtaposed with critical shots of bears stranded on ice platforms—an evocative exploration of vulnerability and resilience.
Schulz's imagery extends beyond individual creatures to vast arctic scenes, often showing the animals as part of the landscape. Each photograph encapsulates the photographer's dedication to preserving Earth's last wilderness areas. His images, adorned with honors like 'Environmental Photographer of the Year,' transcend traditional boundaries, transporting viewers into nature and igniting a call to action.
As part of the exhibit, these photographs become a testament to Schulz's tireless efforts and commitment to environmental advocacy.
Beyond the still images in the exhibit, viewers will get an insight in Schulz’s cinematic work. Watch enormous caribou herds roam across vast untouched arctic landscapes, see MuskOx bulls fight for their kingdom and see the northern lights dance across the arctic sky. Each image and film sequence tell a story—a visual narrative that extends beyond the edges of the Arctic landscape. Take part in a journey, where Florian Schulz's eyes captures not just images, but the essence of a world in need of preservation.